Ghost Scanning
Live visuals with Kinect depth image
DEUTERIUM AV performance
DEUTERIUM is a live improvised AV-performance where Video is generated live with digital video feedback.
Monolog, Ecule Drift
Music Video for Monologs, Ecule Drift track.
Periskop - 1 A. V (with Emil Brahe)
Music video for Periskop
Music video For Håkan Lidbos track 601006
System Drk
The Task were to create a video for the track Drk from System. the task also included the creation of a visual instrument for live performance at their concerts. the video has been produced using that performance instrument.
Visuals at Byens Lys
Visuals for 4 Danish Electronica acts. Different visuals styles was used for each
Pixel and Sune P live at Lab Komponent #138
June 2008 had part two of the A/V Appointment events, where VJ's and musicians teamed up in pairs and made a performance together, the event featured Ugorskij/Meyer & poory xerox'd + Dub Tractor & WORKSHIP! and of course pixel and Sune P (me).
Visuals @ Klub Taktlös
In February 2009 I made a visual setup at the event Klub Taktlös at 1000fryd, the performance used a visual expression of high contrast concrete imagery, with different more or less subtle distortions in sync with the music. The concrete imagery is mostly recorded in the concrete jungle of Ruhr Universität Bochum.
Visual Instruments
In visuals my ambition is to make instruments that the performer can play, like the performer would play an instrument. I aim to make instruments that are easily accessible but allow for complex possibilities of expression.
Live at Home with Schmid
An evening making a test performance at home
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