Vilhelm Week 33

a prenatal concert


In 2016 I became a father. To celebrate this and welcome Vilhelm to the world, we, Iben Kaalund,  myself and of course the then unborn Vilhelm, made a series of concerts using the sounds from an ultra-sound doppler that was processed electronically. A series of three concerts were planned, but only two happened as Vilhelm was born the day before the last concert.
The concerts were very warm and intimate and had a very special atmosphere like inviting the audience into our little world.
Band members:
Vilhelm Kaalund Petersen - Band leader, Heart beats and other strange noises
Iben Kaalund - Womb and Doppler operator
Sune Petersen - Electronics
The concerts were:
December 9, 2016 Platform 4, Aalborg
December 21, 2016 Musikbiblioteket, Odense
December 27, Birth
December 28, Sorte Firkant, Copenhagen - Cancelled

Exerpt of the concert in Odense

Photos by Krzysztof Wieczorek/Platform 4

Interview at TV2-Fyn about the project(in Danish)

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