Sune Petersen
Born 1974
Currently living in Odense, Denmark.

Sune Petersen's work life has three facets. Artistic, commercial and educational.
His artistic practice mainly evolve around generative video performance and playful performative installations. He has been active in this field since 1997 and has seen and is constantly exploring the technology for new possibilities.

A background in science, having studied both physics and computer engineering, in combination with a creative approach to technology, have opened up for commercial work for instance in museums where he creates interactive installations using complex projections and multiple channels of audio to mediate architecture, the history of Europe, pixels and inventions, prison life, Japanese Cosplay culture and much more.

Having been on the forefront in the creative use of technology, Sune has been teaching in different contexts which includes institutions all across Europe and an extensive period at Aalborg University.

He often base his teaching on insights gathered during his commercial and artistic work in order to draw connections between theory and practice. 

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