Recursions #1

An experiment turned into an installation for the Culture Night and following exhibition 2008.

Recursions 1 is an installation exploring video feedback. the feedback is generated from one single rectangle and the patterns evolve from fedback and the modulation of parameters, much like traditional video feedback using a video camera and a tv monitor.

The images are folowed by drone like audio generated being modulated by the complexity of the image, thus the sound is generated from the images.

The setup of the installation consist of a projection with a soundsystem suitable for the room. The room should be filled with comfortable seating such as large bean bags or similar. the room should be darkened.

The image is being modulated using 6 parameters controlled by 6 LFO's with cycle times chosen so that the installation will repeat itself every 3038533 years aproximately, in every practical aspect an infinity.

Anne Bolander
Lars and Nathalie

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